Joe Hoster


Crafting emotions through pure piano
and cinematic arrangements.

Behind the Magic

The Helvets’ serenity, a phenician nose, Germanic rigor, the ardor of Vikings coupled with Armenian dexterity. This is Joe Hoster’s background. Beautiful musical stories, touching human encounters as well as a heart-felt sincerity, await only to be shared, and you shall be their ambassadors.

Ascending Artist

Step into the world of a visionary composer whose talent garners international acclaim. With multiple accolades from prestigious institutions such as the Global Music Awards and the American Songwriting Awards. His work captivates audiences worldwide, earning numerous selections and awards at independent music film festivals, both for his mesmerizing compositions and stunning visual storytelling.

Spotify Playlist curator

In collaboration with Emitha Studios, we’ve launched a Spotify playlist called “Pure piano and classical recordings” featuring classical music performed with real instruments, showcasing the pure sound of classical. Is your composition eligible for inclusion? Share the Spotify URL link in the contact form, and we’ll get back to you.

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Embark on a journey of learning with meticulously crafted scores, authenticated by Joe and his team, ensuring 100% accuracy and authenticity.

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by Joe Hoster



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Ivory Label

In solidarity with all souls who share a connection with ivory-key pianos, the composer has established a special ivory protection label. Join the circle of those committed to conservation through music. Join the fight against the illegal ivory trade and stand for the protection of majestic elephants.

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