“Round And Around Me” story started June last year, summer was simply not showing up. In vein, we waited for those beloved blue skies; it was grey and rainy all day long. At that time, I often went to Marc’s place, a childhood friend for more than 20 years. When we weren’t working on the project, we killed time playing video games because of the erratic weather. Among his frequent trips to where the sun did shine, was a trip to Hawaii, where a so called “ukulele” travelled back with him. Four strings, one spectrum, slightly more limited than a piano I confess, but sounds that make you smile all the same. Marc played a few notes on the couch, I’d sing along, but the sun would still stay hid. One fine day, however, a few nice tunes were played. From there on, the lyrical jigsaw only started. “Round And Around Me” was definitely born.



 A ukulele.

Some flower names.

One sun.

Some women’s names.


Up to here, not rocket science, but it is slightly more complicated than it looks!


Team-up with four excellent musicians from Lausanne (Switzerland) and practice as much as needed.

 Antoine: bass, guitars.   Inan: guitars, cajon/brush, maracas.

Nicolas: djembes, congas.   Frederic: whistler.

 Round_And_Around_Me_Studio_Recording_Session_Pic2     Round_And_Around_Me_Studio_Recording_Session_Pic3

Round_And_Around_Me_Studio_Recording_Session_Pic4     Round_And_Around_Me_Studio_Recording_Session_Pic5

Then, include a few snaps and claps.

Let it rest and mature from autumn to spring. Savor early summer.

There we go! One year later. “Round And Around Me” is out on a sunny day! Watch the clip right here


“Round And Around Me” Special Thanks 

Filming Crew Hoster J., Jacazio M., Nyffeler T. Cast Andrey M., Aubry M., Blanco A., Bosic M., Bujard N.A., Celada A., Cherubini L., El Mechat H., Fourcade A., Gurtner M., Jolivet E., Kasongo F., Kellenberger C., Itani N., Jacazio C., Janulyte K., Nyffeler T., Ortiz S., Pizzica D., Quaglia E., Repond N., Rojas C., Skupienski R., Zorzenon F. Stylist hairdresser Pittet D. Designer artists Grandchamps L., Pittet M. Graphic designer Jeanneret V. Printer Mino P.-Y. Consultants Arsenault M., Gamboa Rojas A., Goren D., Itani F., Jacazio J., Jolivet E., Morand D., Pittet S., Quaglia E., Ricciardi Leitao V., Shann L. Vocal coach Rytz M. Sound engineer Mercier P. Musicians Akinci I., Cordey A., Pittet F., Reichel N. Equipment Michael A.