On February 24th, 2015, my first classical piece “Las Claves” was unveiled. A first live performance had seen the light with an official sponsor: Piano Feurich Romanel’s establishment who gave me the chance to play on its model 218 – “Concert I”.

The hearing, sight and taste were solicited from over 100 guests who came for “Las Claves” event. A close collaboration with the internationally renown Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne was made.

It was also a great opportunity to highlight the passion of a friend, professional painter, Kim Straehler, who honor the public by exhibiting some of her work as well as presenting the custom painting made especially for the “Las Claves” event, transcribing perfectly the story of the piece.

A time lapse was created and projected on big screen during the live performance. 2500 pictures were taken during the production of the canvas so that the video can see the light. Kim has painted this piece in less than 4 hours and deserves our attention.

Then comes the official music video clip. This would have never happened without this beautiful encounter occurred during August two years ago. A soul mate, who have brought me to Sonia and Archie for the realization of the clip. When I met the couple for the first time, I immediately knew that something was going to happen. A profitable partnership for “Las Claves”.


After an audition with three dancers in London, only one of them stand out from the crowd. Sarah, professional dancer at the English National Ballet has accepted the challenge and gave everything for her scenes. She appropriated the song and released the best of herself during her two days shooting.


The missing part of the puzzle ? The beautician and that was it. Luna took her responsibilities.

Make up artist (1)

Here is the extended version of the clip, including the story of the song translated into 7 languages: Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and Arabic.

So far, “Las Claves” has been selected for the following festivals under categories such as Music video, Soundtrack and/or Film Score:

1. Direct Monthly Online Film Festival / Online / USA

2. Los Angeles CineFest / Online / USA

3. The Monthly Film Festival / Online / Scotland

4. 12 Months Film Festival / Online / Romania

5. Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival / Online & Physical / USA

6. Accolade Global Film Competition / Online / USA

7. Barebones International Film & Music Festival / Physical / USA

8. Los Angeles International Film Festival Awards / Online & Physical / USA

9. New York City Independant Film Festival / Physical / USA

10. United International Film Festival / Physical / USA

11. FAME’US International Film Festival / Online & Physical / USA

12. Paris Online Film Festival / Festival en ligne / France

13. International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Nice / Physical / France

14. The Northern Virginia International Film & Music Festival / Physical / USA

15. The Modcon London Film Festival / Online / UK

16. 17. 18. 19. World International Film Festivals / Physicals / New York, Los Angeles, Toronto & Singapore / USA, Canada, Singapore

20. Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival / Physical  / China

21. Indie Film Festival / Online

22. Near Nazareth Festival  / Physical

23. Polish International Film Festival / Physical / Poland

24. Las Vegas Lift-Off Online Festival / USA

25. FilmQuest Festival / Physical / USA

26. Hollywood Songwriting Contest / Online / USA

27. Short Stop International Film Festival / Online / Scotland

28. The Go West Film Festival/ Physical / USA

29. International Filmmaker Festival Of World Cinema Berlin / Physical / Germany

30. Utah Music Awards / Physical / USA

31. European Film Festival (Mainstream & Underground) / Physical / Russia

32. Great Lakes International Film Festival / Physical / USA

33. Hamilton Film Festival / Physical / Canada

34. Meliorist Film Festival / Physical / India

35. Erie International Film Festival / Physical / USA

36. Stars Hollywood Festival / Physical / Spain


Direct Monthly Online Film Festival / 1st place – Best Music Video – February 2016

12 Months Film Festival 3rd position – Best Music Video – February 2016 

Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival 1st place – Best Music Video & Editing – February 2016

Accolade Global Film Competition / Award of Merit

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards / 1st place – Best Music Video – February 2016

Global Music Awards / Bronze Medal Winner

Prestige Music Awards / Bronze Award – Music Video & Silver Award – Classical

The Northern Viginia Film Music & Film Festival /  1st place – Best Music Video

Polish International Film Festival / 1st place – Best Music Video

The Go West Film Festival – 1st place – Best Music Video & Best Cinematography

International Filmmaker Festival Of World Cinema Berlin / 1st place – Best Original Recorded Song

Stars Hollywood Festival / Best Composer, Best Music, Best Music Director From Switzerland


“Las Claves” Special Thanks 

Filming Crew Armitage J., Ben Arab S., Ben Arab M., Fahrni C., Hoster J., Jacazio M., Thomas A. Cast Hoster J., Surinder Kundi S. Hair and Makup artist Viola L., The Henna den Tatoos Designer artist Straehler K. Graphic designer Jeanneret V., Chuard A. Printer Hauswirth Y. Consultants Chen M., Chin A., Goren D., Itani F., Jacazio J., Quaglia E., Myabayashi N., Nyfeler T., Repond N., Rojas C., Singh A. Piano coach Froshhammer J. Sound engineer Abdulla W. Other Adon Store