There are many tunes of romance out there. There have always been and there always will be! Although I swore to myself that I would not go there for my first song “First Paradise”, when a relative announced that he was going to get married, it was hard to keep the promise. Following this surprise, today it is for you to enjoy. These are merely the beginnings.

First Paradise Studio Session Pic.1

In my suitcase filled with bits and pieces of melodies, this song was the first one on which there had to be a voice, I knew it from the start. The only question was, which one? In the course of last year, filled with learnings and personal findings, my vocal instrument showed, with encouraging signs, that I could overcome this challenge. But, what about the lyrics? My heart took care of that.

One thing leading to another, I knew I had to add some depth to give “First Paradise” some “soul”. Together with my arranger, we spent hours on the task at hand. Corrections, more corrections, new ideas rising here, others born out of the blue. Welcome to the world of creation. The first, second violins and altos come to greet the piano, followed by the cellos and finally, the double bass salute with their renowned “pizzicato”. The flute and clarinet, together, make sure they enlighten this encounter. With its 5 meters of height, you’ll have to listen closely to perceive it, but the French horn is truly part of it. In total, 23 instruments playing together led by the conductor allowing this first song to blossom.

First Paradise Studio Session Pic.2

Two full days were dedicated to the “First Paradise” recording in December @Studio Prism, Lausanne (Switzerland). Followed by the mixing with the sound engineer before sending it overseas for the cherry on the cake: the mastering @Sterling Sound, New York.

First Paradise Studio Session Pic.3

Two months later, an unforgettable weekend, filming in an ancient icehouse in Sylans, close to the city of Nantua (France), topped by shootings on top of our snowy mountains.

The images, the music. Wedding of the century?

Throughout this adventure, your honest impressions will influence my work both consciously and unconsciously!


“First Paradise” Special thanks 

Commune de Nantua Berger A., Chabaud J., Pellegrini B., Poncet S., Reversat F. Commune de Gruyères

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