First Paradise Lyrics Cover


I’ve been searching for you, too long unsatisfied.

I’ve been thinking of you, way before we even met.

Walk with you, walk with me.
A gorgeous land called paradise.
One day for you and me.

I’ve been counting up, as many clovers I could find.

I’ve been counting down, the one I couldn’t miss at all.

Dance with me, dance with you.
A gorgeous land called paradise.
First one out of two.

Eternal life’s willingness.

Without your love, would it be possible?
All the way above.

Without my love, would it be possible?
Just the two of us.

First Paradise.
Eternal life with you.


The four leafs clover represents luck. If we transpose it to the song, it is the luck of finding her or his better half. Once you find it, a long walk for life full of challenges, which might show up, some up, others down. Love is a constant challenge, where both parties must be involved in order to make it last. Two paradises are mentioned in the lyrics. The first one represents the one above us for the after life. No hurry, life is long, “walk with me, walk with you” towards it. On the other hand, paradise on earth, to enjoy with your beloved to the maximum “dance with me, dance with you”.

Video Clip

An angel decides when and where the two persons will meet. He flies to earth, to work his magic (a four leafs clover). This rare event happens only few times in life, in the video clip the clover is a metaphorical way of describing that moment when you first meet your better half.