Single Stories

29 Jan 29 Jan

The other – Story N° 4

“The Other.” What does this mean? Who’s “the other”? I was intrigued and, for my new creation, I instinctively wanted to discover more about this “other.” Here’s how it all began.
July, 2016: I’m in Beirut, capital of Lebanon, in the land where I spent part of my childhood. I was invited to my friends’ […]

23 Apr 23 Apr

Las Claves – Story N° 3

On February 24th, 2015, my first classical piece “Las Claves” was unveiled. A first live performance had seen the light with an official sponsor: Piano Feurich Romanel’s establishment who gave me the chance to play on its model 218 – “Concert I”.
The hearing, sight and taste were solicited from over 100 guests who came […]

25 Jun 25 Jun

Round And Around Me – Story N° 2

“Round And Around Me” story started June last year, summer was simply not showing up. In vein, we waited for those beloved blue skies; it was grey and rainy all day long. At that time, I often went to Marc’s place, a childhood friend for more than 20 years. When we weren’t working on […]

14 May 14 May

First Paradise – Story N° 1

There are many tunes of romance out there. There have always been and there always will be! Although I swore to myself that I would not go there for my first song “First Paradise”, when a relative announced that he was going to get married, it was hard to keep the promise. Following this […]