04 Jul 04 Jul

Round And Around Me – Official lyrics

Where are you lady, Alyssa Where are you merry, Camellia Where are you tasty, Nerola Summer all we need, you and me all agreed Let me send you happiness, round and around me Let me fill your fantasy, over and over Why are you hidin’, Ayanna Why are you cryin’, Ilima Why are you […]

12 Jun 12 Jun

First Paradise – Official lyrics

I’ve been searching for you, too long unsatisfied.
I’ve been thinking of you, way before we even met.
Walk with you, walk with me.
A gorgeous land called paradise.
One day for you and me.
I’ve been counting up, as many clovers I could find.
I’ve been counting down, the one I couldn’t miss at all.
Dance with me, dance with you.
A gorgeous land […]