The Helvets’ serenity, a phenician nose, Germanic rigor, the ardor of Vikings coupled with Armenian dexterity. This is Joe Hoster’s background.

First came the business studies, a bumpy ride, to say the least. The climax? His journey to Montreal, which triggered something special. What? A beautiful love story prematurely ended upon his return. And? This is when the piano stroke back, after 10 years silenced. It quickly became his favorite tool to express those strong emotions, which some nights overwhelmed him.

Once graduated, two years full of enriching experiences in the finance industry built his confidence. Thereafter, he simply listened to his heart and embraced a new challenge. A telling choice. «Today I compose, I write, I perform, I stage, I absorb the richness which surrounds us to « create ». What’s greater than living one’s dreams without an ounce of regret!»

Beautiful musical stories, touching human encounters as well as a heart-felt sincerity, await only to be shared, and you shall be their ambassadors.