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25 Jun 25 Jun

Round And Around Me – Story N° 2

“Round And Around Me” story started June last year, summer was simply not showing up. In vein, we waited for those beloved blue skies; it was grey and rainy all day long. At that time, I often went to Marc’s place, a childhood friend for more than 20 years. When we weren’t working on […]

12 Jun 12 Jun

First Paradise – Official lyrics

I’ve been searching for you, too long unsatisfied.
I’ve been thinking of you, way before we even met.
Walk with you, walk with me.
A gorgeous land called paradise.
One day for you and me.
I’ve been counting up, as many clovers I could find.
I’ve been counting down, the one I couldn’t miss at all.
Dance with me, dance with you.
A gorgeous land […]